Thursday, 12 July 2018

22. Quickbooks Online - HOW TO BACKUP QUICKBOOKS ONLINE 2018

What doesn't get talked about setting a proper inventory but I wanted to make a quick read on how I back my QuickBooks up every month. Yes I know it's a cloud-based accounting software that I can login you from any computer in the world. But what is your counterattacked working she to print something out. Well at the end of every month I download all my vendors. My general ledgers. Customers invoice is free much everything that keeps his company going to float at the end of every month. So what I do and you might have Microsoft Excel you might not actually don't. I use a pages or numbers, it's a comet CSV a comma separated values software so just anything you got on reports this and that was go to expenses will go to vendors we use vendors for the example over here expenses vendors. We created a couple vendors right okay so this is the one that auto populated like one of her first videos so the right-hand side over here you see these three links. One of them's a printer pretty some explanatory. One of them's a download thing I've actually never seen it go a little arrogant off the right like that. Here's the gear thing, can often think what I are settings. What I do is I click on this export to Excel. I do this for all the major open file with numbers. I do this with all of the major things in any unit, opens up like that. So again if your counterattacked, you have the stuff if you before I print something out. I was just downloaded first so I just have it kiss my account does get hacked, that's can it just a real quick video vendors are huge. I highly recommend saving your vendors to your desktop. Balance is general ledgers any report. It's just this icon right over here. That is how I back up my everything my life my livelihood QuickBooks online quick video nonstock about inventory

Friday, 29 June 2018

How to add multiple users inQuickBooks

Will be back in this view relearn and add multiple users of access to our QuickBooks online account go sneeze. So this can be good and bad for different reasons to be good because maybe you have a partnership.

Steps which you should follow if you are a beginner:
       If you trust somebody that knows how to use QuickBooks online better than you maybe want to send your login information to accountants.
       This again enters different tiers of accessibility like vetoing to some the hundred percent full proof blast look at everything this.
       And that you can just you note send them an email that lets them only look at like your vendors or something up to the biggest con from this is that security issue somebody takes information run off some else you have to be very trustworthy to not just throw this out aimlessly.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Do you know how to organize your training in the engine room?

Machines are a powerful tool to lose weight and tone muscles if used properly. We tell you how to organize your routine to get results.

When we arrive at a gym room for the first time we can feel very confused seeing so many devices with so many different functions. Where do I begin? What is each machine for? The first step is to have a bio-physical study that summarizes the qualities and physical form of each person, as well as define the objectives of the training. According to the goals of each one, the routines will be different and more or less intense. Sergio Daza, Director of Health of Zagros Sports Puerta de Europa, explains how to face the arrival to the engine room and start enjoying the benefits of training.-19: 39The main part of the training must be occupied by the guided machines. As the name suggests, are those that facilitate the work of the muscles without forcing them. They reduce the risk of injury by contributing to the movement of the load. Using the machine as a guide, beginners can also learn and improve the technique of each of the exercises. As we gain experience we can go combining guided machines with free weight work, with dumbbells for example. Which is not advisable anything else to start in the gym due to the greater complexity in its execution.Despite the help provided by the guided machines, the first days "it is essential to go to a center where the training room is staffed by trained professionals who guide you to meet the proposed objectives and who care about your health" says Sergio Daza . Personalized advice increases the effectiveness of the exercise since the machines can be used in different ways depending on what we are looking for. By varying the number of sets and repetitions, the weight of the load and the resting times between the series, a more or less intense work is obtained and aimed at losing weight, increasing muscle mass, gaining muscle tone, or any other purpose.

 Is there life beyond the static bicycle?Among the wide variety of training machines that we can find in gyms, we see novel devices that amplify the benefits of exercise or allow us to focus work on a very specific part of the body. The Zagros Sports expert tells us the most remarkable recent discoveries.Self-propelled treadmill: although we all know the more than classic treadmills where aerobic endurance work, these new treadmills allow us to simulate to a greater extent the effort we would employ while running on the street and improve our running technique. By not being connected to the current, we have to generate the energy to move them, thus increasing the level of exigency of the exercise and creating a challenge. At the same time the impact on muscles and joints is less, which reduces the risk of injury. Not to mention its zero energy expenditure and environmental impact.Maximum specialization, glute builder: despite the importance of periodically performing a comprehensive training of the entire musculature, there are machines that work deep in a specific area of ​​the body. This is the case of the glute builder. A machine with a wide variety of exercises to work the buttocks, not only for aesthetic reasons but because different studies have certified the importance of working the gluteus to reduce back pain, improve walking patterns and maintain a firmer posture.Training software: connecting all the machines between them and with us, it is increasingly common to find training software that monitors our activity to let us know our performance. Observing progression is a good motivation tool that helps us optimize training. The synchronization of an app in each user's mobile and a totem pole in the training center allows us to always have our information at hand, including values ​​such as body fat level.What are you waiting for? If you need a dose of motivation, here we list all the benefits of practicing sports. Your health will thank you!Content prepared in collaboration with Sergio Daza, Health Director of Zagros Sports Puerta de Europa.
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The 10 most popular shopping sites "door to door"

Free shipping worldwide ". The proposal, translatable into Spanish as "free shipping to the whole world", will once again be the most sought-after feature by Argentines in international electronic stores when they finally return, in a month, the home delivery of merchandise purchased from foreign websites . Many online stores became popular by offering free shipping for all purchases, or in excess of $ 50 or $ 70. In other cases, the shipping cost is inevitable. But where can you buy? Below is a list of the most popular sites in the world, where everything from wallets to cell phones, watches and drones is offered.

1. AliExpress

It integrates the largest online market in the world. Based in China, it sends more than 100 million products to more than 200 countries, including Argentina. The biggest attraction is in the prices and in the variety. They offer, for example, shirts for men from $ 5 and tablets of 7 "from 35.

2. eBay

On this American website, thousands of vendors offer clothing, footwear, technology and much more. The iPhone SE of 64 GB, for example, can be ordered there at a price of 632 dollars, about $ 14,400 with the tax.

3. Amazon

It is the other American giant of electronic commerce. There, in addition to technology, many buy books, baby products and decorative objects.for amazon product you can find below site

4. Deal Extreme

From China, promises good prices on more than 300,000 products of electronics, cell phones, car accessories and toys, among others. The biggest attraction is in the free shipping and in a section of offers for only one dollar.

5. BestOfferBuy

It is a Singapore website that, based in China, sends cheap electronic services to everyone. As a "hook", it gives 30 days to return any product if the customer was not satisfied.

6. Banggood

This Chinese site sends free and without minimum purchase from technology to clothing, accessories, jewelry and sex toys, among a variety of more than 70,000 items. A minidrón of four helices, for example, is offered there at $ 33: with the tax, about $ 750.

7. Dino Direct

Offers directly from Chinese factories with bonus shipping to more than 200 countries and a catalog that exceeds 310,000 multi-tube items. Photo cameras at $ 60, smartphones at 73 and tablets at 96 are some of the offers.

8. Tmart

From Great Britain, it focuses on electronic products with free shipping worldwide. Cell phones, flashlights, car accessories and security cameras are among its main items. As an additional "hook", they provide a "minimum price guarantee" for which they return the difference if a lower value is found.

9. EverBuying

Specialized in electronics and fashion, this website offers more than 250,000 products that are sent free and can be returned within 30 days, if they did not meet expectations. There you can see Bluetooth smartwatches with pedometer from 9 dollars.

10. Asos

Based in the United Kingdom, it delivers fashion and beauty products from more than 850 brands. For Argentina, shipping is free for purchases over $ 26.

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Calculate the price of your door-to-door purchase very easy
For the purchase of clothes, ClothesCheap ( is the Chinese alternative. In aesthetic products such as makeup, one of the most popular is Beauty Bay (, with more than 200 brands. In books that will not have taxes, an important website with free global shipments is Book Depository ( When looking for prices, from now on, the options multiply.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A matter of skin. The solution to the most common problems

Dry skin, without luminosity: Exfoliation is the solution to this problem, since it stimulates cell renewal and favors the microciculation of the affected areas. With one or two weekly exfoliations, your skin will recover its vitality and you will feel it again firm and smooth.

     Tight and opaque skin: Common complaint of those who forget to remove makeup at night. The key to being always radiant is to have a daily and effective cleaning routine. That is why it is essential that every morning and every night you eliminate makeup and impurities from your face. In this way, your skin can breathe and your treatment cream can act without hindrance.

Black points on the nose and chin: Hated and feared, black dots can be fought (but not by squeezing them with your fingers). To get rid of them, the ideal is to choose an exfoliant with natural microparticles. Apply once a week until they disappear, and if they become constant, do not hesitate to use a dermatologist to do a facial cleaning.

     Rough areas in the body: When some areas such as the inner side of the arms and thighs become suddenly rough, it is usually due to a thickening of the superficial layer of the skin. To return to normal, the ideal is to use a granulated soap (exfoliating) applied with a vegetable sponge. At bath time, make firm and circular massage in the affected areas, so this will generate a gentle daily exfoliation that will help you get rid of the problem. Do not forget to always apply moisturizing cream to prevent the skin from drying out.

Porous skin with visible imperfections: To correct and unify the texture of the skin without attacking it, the ideal is to apply an exfoliating gel containing aluminum microparticles. With using it twice a week, it will be enough to solve the problem.

     Glossy, rough and rough skin: oily skins shine more than the rest, especially in the T zone. The excess of sebum clogs the pores, preventing the skin from eliminating toxins, and that is why it forms pimples and pimples. To combat this problem the ideal is to use an exfoliant with vitamin A and some astringent properties, such as lemon extract, and complement its use with an oil-free moisturizer.